Come back, kill me

I want to come back
To a place of understanding
My words mean your love my love mean my life your words mean nothing I cannot hear can somebody please shout emotions


I came back
Left almost without trace
Not like last time, you mad still
But you don’t raise your voice
You’re angry I feel it
It’s the way the floor seeps its wormwood under my skin


Everything is lost
Catch a glimpse of the upcoming chaos, it’s gonna be a blast
Can’t wait to see it live
Get a front row seat, and too much booze
And a detachable heart to throw into the mix
Get me everything and more, for the brew

We still gotta eat


Please kill me
That’s what it said
Own time running out
Left bullets
Try inserting them
Into each orifice

There’s too much I wanna
Stick up before I end up
Collection of readymade holes

Come back, kill me
12 février 2024
Dans les tiroirs